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In order to be able to feel comfortable, you have to provide the body with exercise and relaxation, activity and rest, but also a good diet and adequate liquid. So you can guarantee to feel good in his body. Health, Fitness and Wellness belong together . Missing the one, the chain is broken and it takes a lot of effort to get back to the correct level. This is not to say that everyone who operates not intense sports, can not feel, is not healthy. No, the right level of all three pillars is crucial.

Who drives the sport, completely spent, will go in a healthy body with the proper diet and the associated relaxation quickly back in the old track bed. Untrained people will initially complain about at least one massive muscles, if not the cycle breaks down, because the heart and lungs are totally overwhelmed, the entire body is flooded with acids.

And who after such a profoundly negative experience already great desire to take the same training again ? Each marathon runners will start at the beginning with small distances, then increases more and more until his condition has reached the level that he needs for his first full 42 km.

Liquid and fresh Power

To this end, he pays attention to adequate hydration and good, fresh food . He also supports his body with enough to regenerate rest. Good feeling is to be with him, if it finds after each increase, that its performance on an upward curve . The motivated and satisfied. But it’s basically irrelevant, what area of life you look . The importance lies in the matter. When you have found the right balance in the three areas of nutrition, fitness and relaxed well-being, happiness can be flood free. Then no winter blues is noticeable.

To find many spa treatments, care tips and fitness options for every season, the right ideas, the experts deliver the WellSpa portal.

Who lives balanced, can even handle stress much better, can reasonably deal with problems and will support his immune system actively with all the positive thoughts and feelings.

About the author : Katja Wegener is a trained beautician and physiotherapist. 12 years ago she founded her company ISM cosmetics. Hotel, spa and beauty concepts and innovative cosmetic care products are their passion.