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Dream figure in 2014 : Through fitness training, nutrition and motivation to succeed

Do you want every summer the correct figure for the beach and do it then but not to present your great body in the sun? Now the one hand be due to a mismatch between your self-confidence and etiquette , or simply because you work too late and too inconsistent to it , because the dream is simply not large enough.

Actually, you should always thus work on your health and fitness and also in your appearance – no matter whether it is summer or winter. Nevertheless, I would try to give all those a few tips along the way who want to shine with the desired figure in the summer of 2014. For the recipe for success you need 3 ingredients : sports, nutrition and motivation.

Let’s start with the sport. To get a nice shapely figure you must force – but also operate endurance training consistently and regularly. The training of endurance is to train your metabolism to burn fat naturally burn body fat and to supply the body with sufficient nutrients for always – this reduces, for example, not only the body fa , but also the recovery time after exercise.

Muscle is needed because it gives the figure, the outer appearance. We ‘re not talking about bodybuilders or überproportionierten Russian weightlifters – everyone can decide for themselves how much he perceives as beautiful and attractive and when it’s too much of a good thing. The fact is that losing weight takes longer without strength training , you will then always pursued before the yo-yo effect , your character is referred to as skinny and not slim and skin sticks spongy and flabby body. So in order to make the body with body shaping according to their own desires resistance training is elementary.

In addition, a strong musculature protects the body from injury , increases efficiency and burns also still a lot of energy. So trained people can often move sometimes outside the diet plan without the cake or the beer is immediately on the hips.