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Perfect blend: Fitness and Wellness, high above the Engstligental


The Switzerland – by the fresh mountain air and the extensive fitness and spa facilities, a highly recommended destination for the next health journey. Also to be found in the small country in the middle of the Alps numerous certified climatic health resorts, which are particularly suitable for wellness travel. Adelboden is one of those destinations in Switzerland.

In 2005, the village became the first Alpine Wellness holiday resort of Switzerland and to this day have to lose any of its numerous advantages. Situated at 1350 m altitude, you breathe up here all day fresh air and the natural and healthy environment invites to excursions that keep every body fit. Suitable throughout the year as a destination for health travel, promises the Swiss health resort of Adelboden and its surroundings a varied program to pamper both body and mind – in summer as in winter.

Year-round hiking pleasures

From Adelboden from several hiking trails lead through the Bernese Alps. To 300 km, both experienced hikers, as well as cozy walkers find the perfect route through the natural and breathtaking mountain scenery . Fresh air, clear spring water and local food at the cozy cabins also contribute to health. Culture and nature enthusiasts will benefit in two ways in Adelboden : You do not just do something for their health, but learning on guided walks more about the village and the environment know . Examples are the Cultural tour of Adelboden, but also the guided flower and herb hike, be discovered on the particular health-promoting plants.

In virtually fog free fall and winter may be hiked in Adelboden on the cleared snow from the roads. Before imposing backdrop can be seen on the snow- covered slopes of course indulge in the usual winter sports, is Adelboden-Lenk but one of the biggest and most popular ski resorts in Switzerland.

Health, Wellness, Fitness


In order to be able to feel comfortable, you have to provide the body with exercise and relaxation, activity and rest, but also a good diet and adequate liquid. So you can guarantee to feel good in his body. Health, Fitness and Wellness belong together . Missing the one, the chain is broken and it takes a lot of effort to get back to the correct level. This is not to say that everyone who operates not intense sports, can not feel, is not healthy. No, the right level of all three pillars is crucial.

Who drives the sport, completely spent, will go in a healthy body with the proper diet and the associated relaxation quickly back in the old track bed. Untrained people will initially complain about at least one massive muscles, if not the cycle breaks down, because the heart and lungs are totally overwhelmed, the entire body is flooded with acids.

And who after such a profoundly negative experience already great desire to take the same training again ? Each marathon runners will start at the beginning with small distances, then increases more and more until his condition has reached the level that he needs for his first full 42 km.

Liquid and fresh Power

To this end, he pays attention to adequate hydration and good, fresh food . He also supports his body with enough to regenerate rest. Good feeling is to be with him, if it finds after each increase, that its performance on an upward curve . The motivated and satisfied. But it’s basically irrelevant, what area of life you look . The importance lies in the matter. When you have found the right balance in the three areas of nutrition, fitness and relaxed well-being, happiness can be flood free. Then no winter blues is noticeable.

To find many spa treatments, care tips and fitness options for every season, the right ideas, the experts deliver the WellSpa portal.

Who lives balanced, can even handle stress much better, can reasonably deal with problems and will support his immune system actively with all the positive thoughts and feelings.

About the author : Katja Wegener is a trained beautician and physiotherapist. 12 years ago she founded her company ISM cosmetics. Hotel, spa and beauty concepts and innovative cosmetic care products are their passion.

Health and Fitness

Dream figure in 2014 : Through fitness training, nutrition and motivation to succeed

Do you want every summer the correct figure for the beach and do it then but not to present your great body in the sun? Now the one hand be due to a mismatch between your self-confidence and etiquette , or simply because you work too late and too inconsistent to it , because the dream is simply not large enough.

Actually, you should always thus work on your health and fitness and also in your appearance – no matter whether it is summer or winter. Nevertheless, I would try to give all those a few tips along the way who want to shine with the desired figure in the summer of 2014. For the recipe for success you need 3 ingredients : sports, nutrition and motivation.

Let’s start with the sport. To get a nice shapely figure you must force – but also operate endurance training consistently and regularly. The training of endurance is to train your metabolism to burn fat naturally burn body fat and to supply the body with sufficient nutrients for always – this reduces, for example, not only the body fa , but also the recovery time after exercise.

Muscle is needed because it gives the figure, the outer appearance. We ‘re not talking about bodybuilders or überproportionierten Russian weightlifters – everyone can decide for themselves how much he perceives as beautiful and attractive and when it’s too much of a good thing. The fact is that losing weight takes longer without strength training , you will then always pursued before the yo-yo effect , your character is referred to as skinny and not slim and skin sticks spongy and flabby body. So in order to make the body with body shaping according to their own desires resistance training is elementary.

In addition, a strong musculature protects the body from injury , increases efficiency and burns also still a lot of energy. So trained people can often move sometimes outside the diet plan without the cake or the beer is immediately on the hips.